EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

In 2021 I noticed how many people were struggling with emotional issues and mental health issues. I decided to train in EFT as I know from personal experience how effective it is. I completed my practitioner training with EFT International in 2022.


Emotional Freedom Technique combines talking therapy and the tapping of acupressure points on the body to remove energetic blocks and trauma from the body.


EFT can be used to help with the following:


Food cravings


Pain management



Chronic illness

Or any negative issue you currently have. 

The great thing about EFT is that there are now literally hundreds of scientific studies that show it is a very effective treatment. Regularly using EFT has been shown to reduce cortisol, improve immunity, lower stress, lowered inflammation, reduced cravings, help with pain management and positively influence gene expression in 72 genes.


EFT is a powerful therapy tool and can have fast results when working one to one with a therapist, but it is also a self-help tool that is both easy to learn and extremely empowering.

The first session is 90 mins. We will discuss the issue you would like to work on and I will take you through the tapping routine. We will then work with the issue. People will often have major shifts in just one session, but more complex issues may take several sessions. Any follow up sessions will be 60 mins.


This treatment can be very effective for children and teens. However, it is recommended that the first session is done on the parent, before working with the child.

1st Session, 90 mins ..............................£60

Following sessions, 60 mins..................£40

4 sessions, 60 mins each.......................£140 

Please contact me to book or for further information.