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Teaching & Workshops 

All my courses are taught one to one at a pace that works for you. Most people learn best doing one hour a week as it allows time to process information and practice in between sessions. However, I am also able to offer half day sessions, or full day sessions if that works best for you. Each Reiki course can be taught with a combination of in person and online sessions to suit your needs. A minimum of 2 hours in person training is required for each course. 


This course gives you a comprehensive understanding of Reiki and includes a personal attunement enabling you to channel Reiki Healing for yourself and for the benefit of your friends and family, even your pets and plants.

You will receive a personal Reiki Degree Level One Manual, a Reiki Degree Level One Certificate and a personal attunement. 

Course length: 5 hours 

Location: Carterton 

Price : £120


For those who have enjoyed Reiki Degree Level One and want to learn more. This course includes further attunements and introduces the ancient mystical symbols that enhance a more powerful level of Reiki energy. This qualification enables you to use Reiki professionally.

This course includes a personal Reiki Degree Level Two Manual, a Reiki Degree Level Two Certificate (Practitioner), and personal attunement.

Course length: 6 hours

Location: Carterton

Price: £150


This course is for those students who have achieved level 2 and have worked as a practitioner and now want to complete their Reiki journey.  Level 3 is the Reiki Master / Teacher level which will allow you to go on and teach your own students. This course includes a personal Reiki Degree Level Three Manual, a Reiki Degree Level Three Certificate (Master Teacher) and a personal attunement.

Course length: 8 hours

Location: Carterton

Price: £220


This 2 hour course gives you an introduction to the charka system and how it can be used to release blocks and increase flow in your life. It can be taught as a stand alone course or to complement your Reiki training. It also works well in a workshop setting.

Course length: 2 hours

Location: Carterton / online

Price: £50


In this course you will learn the various techniques for balancing the chakra's for self-healing and working with others. This course follows on from the Introduction to Chakra Balancing course, and can also be done alongside Reiki Level 2 to further deepen your understanding of energy healing.

Course length: 4 hours

Price: £100

Location: Carterton 


Level 3 takes you on a journey through the out of body chakra's, giving you techniques to work with for healing your past, your future and working with others. This course can be done alongside Reiki Level 3 to deepen your knowledge of energy healing, or as a follow on from Chakra Balancing Level 2. 

Course length: 4 hours

Price :£100

Location: Carterton / Online

EFT Workshops

EFT works very well in a workshop setting. If you are organising a workshop and are interested in me hosting a session then please get in touch. 

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